Civil Applications & Services

Acquabios Bologna

Acquabios Centre, Bologna

Swimming pools, thermal and rehabilitation centre in the city centre of Bologna.
Antalgik Terme Bologna

Antalgik Thermal Centre, Bologna

Air-handlers supplied to the well-known thermal centre and rehabilitation institute of the city of Bologna.
Aeroporto Capodichino

Airport "Capodichino", Naples

TCF has supplied the AHUs for the air handling of the Neapolitan airport.
Aeroporto Falcone Borsellino

Airport "Falcone-Borsellino", Palermo

TCF has supplied its air-handlers to the main Sicilian airport.
Parco Acquatico Le Navi, Rimini

Aquarium 'Le Navi', Rimini

This is the largest Acquarium in the Adriatic, with the 'sharks world' and over 3000 fish from everywhere in the world. The supply air-handlers for the renovation of the structure has been given to TCF.
Audi Zentrum Bologna

Audi Zentrum, Bologna

AZS series air-handling unit supplied to the Audi official trading point in the outskirts of Bologna.
Casello autostrada

Autostrade per l'Italia (Motorway Toll Booth Units)

Bespoke air-handling units for the toll booths of the motorway network for the company Autostrade per l'Italia.
BMW Italia, Milano

BMW Italy Headquarters, Milan

The air-handling units from TCF ensure a correct air change-over at the brand new BMW Italy seat in Milan.
BNP Paribas_foto

BNP Paribas, France

Air-conditioning and ventilation for the branch offices of the prestigious French bank.
ZAC Claude Bernard

BNP ZAC Claude Bernard, Paris (France)

Several TCF air-handling units have been installed at the brand new offices located at ZAC Claude Bernard in Paris.
CCIAA Rovigo

Chamber of Commerce, Rovigo

Air-handling units for the new seat of the local Chamber of Commerce in Rovigo.

CISL Trade Union seat, Bologna

TCF has supplied a completely-automatised air-handling unit for the local branch of CISL Trade Union.
Cite de la Musique

Cité de la Musique, Paris (France)

TCF air-handler ensure the ventilation at the Cité de la Musique in the park of La Villette in Parigi.

CO.GE.I, Rome

On request, it is possible to receive the AHUs in 'knocked-down' version, for installation in particularly narrow spaces.
Convento dei crociferi

Convent of the Crociferi, Venice

Restructuring of the historical Venetian cloister thanks to the IUAV Foundation, within the scope are also TCF air-handlers.

Dome of Megliadino San Vitale (Padua)

A specifically-designed 30.000 m3/h air-handler for a very narrow installation space.
Bologna Fiere

Exhibition Halls, Bologna Trade Fair

Internation Fairgrounds of Bologna, with ventilation equipment supplied by TCF.
Fiera di Bolzano

Exhibition Halls, Bolzano Trade Fair

TCF partecipates to the renovation of the brand-new structure in Bolzano trade fair with its air-handling units.
Fiera di Parma

Exhibition Halls, Parma Trade Fairs

Air-handling units for the important Trade Fair centre in Parma.
Piacenza Expo

Exhibition Halls, Piacenza Expo Trade Fair

TCF is present with its air-handling units inside the exhibition halls of the Piacenza Expo.
Fiera di Rimini

Exhibition Halls, Rimini Trade Fair

TCF supplies the air-handling units to the exhibition areas and offices of the new Trade Fair in Rimini.
Facoltà di Agraria, Bologna

Faculty of Agriculture, Bologna

Air-conditioning in the new seat of the Faculty of Agriculture in Bologna.

Ipercoop supermarkets

The well-known superkmarkets chain turns out to be a reoccurring customer of TCF air-handling units.
Seminario Patriarcale di Venezia

Library of Patriarchy's Seminar in Venice

Prestigious reference within the historical Venetian building.
Masdar_foto 02

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, UAE

The city of Masdar hosts and international University Centre for the Research & Development.
Museo Teatro alla Scala

Museum "Piazza alla Scala", Milan

Requirements for low-noise levels and reliability are a prerogative of air-handlers used in theatres and museums.
Parco Oltremare

Oltremare Park, Riccione

Air-handling with TCF units in the nature theme park in Riccione (Rimini) by the Adriatic sea.
Palazzo di Giustizia

Palace of Justice, Rimini

Renovation of the Palace of Justice with TCF air-handling units.
Palais du Pharo_vista

Palais du Pharo, Marseille (France)

Prestigious reference with TCF air-handling units for the city hall palace in the centre of Marseille.
Pluricenter Bologna

Pluricenter Spa, Bologna

Multifunctional centre for wellness and rehabilitation, where TCF has installed its air-handling units selected and manufactured according to the specific requests of the customer.
Russian State Library

Russian National Library, Moscow (Russia)

Several air-handling units from TCF are installed at the Russian State Library in the heart of Moscow.
Centro Commerciale Atlante

Shopping Mall "Atlante", Republic of San Marino

Complete supply of ventilation and air-conditioning equipment with high-efficiency and low-noise level.
Centro Commerciale Il Gabbiano

Shopping Mall "Il Gabbiano", Savona

Air-conditioning for busy spaces such as shopping centres may be challenging. TCF offers solutions also for such applications.
La Defence

Silic Office Buildings, France

TCF has supplied several air-handling units, in different parts of France, for buildings destined to homes and office use.
Sisal Wincity, Firenze

Sisal Wincity, Florence

Opening of a new Sisal City betting centre with slot machines, games and restaurant in Florence.
Palazzetto dello Sport

Sports Palace, Noicàttaro (Bari)

Ventilation and air change-over at the new Sports Palace in Noicàttaro.
Terme Felsinee Bologna

Thermal Baths "Terme Felsinee", Bologna

The Terme Felsinee facilities uses two different types of thermal waters and it is one of the primary centre for spas in the are of Bologna.
Travelodge Cambridge

Travelodge Hotels in England (UK)

TCF air-handlers have been installed in some hotels of the well-known British hotel chain, in London and Cambridge.

Venaria Reale Royal Palace, Turin

TCF air-handling units for the ventilation of the magnificent historical palace, opened to the general public after a long restauration.
Villaggio della Salute Bologna

Water park "Villaggio della Salute", Bologna

In the Sillaro valley, by the Bolognese Appennines, lies the Villaggio della Salute Più: a unique complex offering spa treatments for health and wellness. TCF AHUs ensure the ventilation and air change-over.